With a dedicated IP address, you will have a unique number that will identify you on the Internet and which won't be shared with anyone else or associated with other Internet sites. The most widespread use of a dedicated IP is the one that includes the installation of an SSL certificate, which could be used to encrypt the connection between a site and its customers, so if they have to log in or to submit payment details, their information shall be secured. Additionally, you'll get better search engine rankings, since your website will load faster and won't have the same address as sites that load slowly or have a questionable reputation. A dedicated IP address can also be employed to access software such as a VoIP app or another kind of server. With our server packages, you are able to order additional dedicated IPs effortlessly and assign them to any online program that you host instead of the IP address provided with the server by default.

Extra Dedicated IPs in VPS Servers

If you choose one of the VPS servers solutions which we offer, you shall get one dedicated IP address, and with every server that is ordered with a CP, we give a second one free of charge. If you want to use additional IPs, you could add them to your package deal with only a couple of mouse clicks whenever you want. In the event that you require them immediately, for example, you are able to add them to your order and they will be assigned to your VPS the moment it's set up. If you need them later, you can add them using your billing Control Panel and they shall be available within a matter of minutes. You may assign them to personal sites with a couple of clicks or to any of your customers - if you're using the virtual server to start your own Internet hosting business. You'll be able to take advantage of this upgrade as often as you wish and you can renew the additional IP addresses with your plan for as long as needed.

Extra Dedicated IPs in Dedicated Servers

If you obtain one of our dedicated server solutions, you'll get 3 IP addresses at no additional charge and you can use them for any purpose. If you need even more IPs, you'll be able to request them at any time through your billing area and we shall assign them to the web server a few moments later. You can even get additional IPs during the signup process and they shall be available on your server the minute it's ready and we hand it over to you. The IP upgrade is available in increments of 3 and you may pick how many addresses you'll order and how long you'll use them, since you can choose the number of IPs that you'll renew every month with your hosting server plan. Any IP address that is assigned to your dedicated server can be used not just for your personal content, but also for any site or application your customers may have - if you have bought the web server with the aim to resell the disk space to third parties.