The larger your site gets, the more difficult mailbox administration gets. Which is when you’re able to reap the benefits of our fully–fledged Email Account Manager. It includes all the features you need if you want to be in charge of your email accounts, furthermore it is provided with an easy to use user interface. With only a couple of clicks of your computer mouse you are able to set up e–mail forwarding, make an e–mail auto–reply, configure anti–spam defense, and much more. Simply scroll down to find out what our Email Account Manager can offer you!


Created to keep spam faraway from you

No one wants junk e–mail within the mailbox. By reason of this, we have designed a custom anti–spam solution driven by well designed algorithms that filter inbound messages and maintain the trash away.

You can pick among several degrees of protection, depending on what kind of junk e–mail messages you get. At the same time, you’ll be able to designate a special amount of spam protection for several mailboxes. Last, but not least, you can pick what happens to e–mails flagged as spam – to be deleted or forwarded to a specialized email address.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Forwarding

Reroute messages from a single e–mail account to another

We’ve made it easy for you to forward email messages from one mailbox to a new one inside your cloud hosting account. Everything you need to do is choose the email which you want to forward and afterwards fill in the desired mailbox in which you would like all of the messages to be sent to.

Additionally, you can switch on a copy of every forwarded message to be left inside the mailbox that you have forwarded.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Filters

Set your mailbox in order

With the Email Account Manager of your Website Control Panel, it is very easy to set up different email filters. All you should do is select the key words that will be used to filter messages and exactly where the filter has to look for them (subject, body, etc.) and then select the steps that’ll be applied to the filtered e–mails.

Hepsia File Manager